Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kara Creates 28/365

This is what creating on the 28th day looked like ...

In the morning I finished up Amelia's knit baby doll. I think it's safe to say she loves it! She named it "Baby Sunflower" and ooh and ahhed appreciatively, with lots of "thank you, mama" comments, as well. I LOVE knitting things for my kids because they are so happy with what I make for them.

Baby Sunflower has been welcomed into the fold. Amelia's only requests are that she would like Sunflower to have the knitted headband with the bow (it's an option in the pattern) and she wants a hat of her own to match Sunflower. I think I can accommodate the little mama on both counts.


Frasier Craning: Season 1, Episode 5 "Here's Looking at You"

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Don't know what Frasier Craning is? Frasier Craning is a pop culture homeschool project that my daughter Jillian (seventh grade) and I thought of one afternoon when we were looking for a fun long-term project to do together. We made a Frasier Craning page to organize this project here.

We're blogging our notes about the show, any recipes we try, things we learn, and other trivia and facts that interest us about the show.

Season 1, Episode 5 "Here's Looking at You"
"Frasier encourages Martin to start a hobby and gives him a telescope. While tinkering, Martin catches the eyes of a bachelorette in the next building."

We liked the elevator going up the Space Needle in the intro of this episode.

The scenes ...

In the introduction the first caller is Doug, who said his mother "literally" hangs around the house. Doug is voiced by actor Jeff Daniels.

"I suppose it's a pet peeve of mine, but what you mean to say is that she figuratively hangs around the house. To literally hang around the house she'd have to be a bat or a spider monkey."

Literal vs. figurative. 
"This is important stuff, kids." - Kara
"Don't be like Doug." - Jillian

Frasier gives his dad a telescope.

As Frasier peers through the telescope for the first time, he quotes, "there are a million stories in the naked city."
Q: Where is this quote from?
A: This comes from a police drama titled The Naked City, which aired from 1958 to 1963. (source

We discovered that the series is available on Amazon Prime.

"I'm going to imagine that Naked City was probably a show that the Crane boys and their father watched while they were growing up." - Kara

"Head canon accepted." - Jillian*
*Head canon meaning what you imagine to be true to the show, movie, book, etc. 

Martin meets Irene, from another building, when they are both using their telescopes. They start a writing each other notes that they hold up while using the telescopes.

"I go out, get him a telescope, it kindles this romance. Kismet!"
Q: What is kismet?
A: fate, a power that is believed to control what happens in the universe. (source)

Niles plays a wine tasting prank on Brewster Kale "the pompous twit who's the president of my wine club" that involves switching Chateu Petrus with Forcas Dupre. 

Frasier jokes "his face must have turned redder than a Pichon-Longueville." 

Q: Why is this prank funny?
A: Just doing some pricing, it looks like the Chateu Petrus is very expensive wine from the Chateu Petrus winery, which is, according to "inimitable" due to a variety of very specific grape growing conditions and cultivation.

The Forcas Dupre is considerably less expensive, "a bit rustic" according to the review site we found, and seems to get more middle of the road reviews. (source)

A Pichon-Longueville is a Bordeaux and very deep burgundy red in color.

Later, when talked about why their father suddenly broke off things with Irene, Niles laments,"who knows why anybody does anything?"

Frasier replies,"remind me again what you do for a living."

"It was one phone call. How can anybody make a sound judgment about another person based on one phone call." Frasier is exasperated.

"Remind me again what it is you do for a living"  snaps Niles.

"Bazinga!" - Kara

Niles mentions that Maris' Aunt Patrice is in town and wonders if Martin might want to be set up with her since things aren't working out with Irene. Frasier says it won't work because Aunt Patrice is a "loon."

There's another mention of literally and figuratively when Niles asks Frasier to reconsider setting up Martin with Patrice and not to leave him "holding the bag, literally and figuratively." 

Later in the scene, Frasier is at home on the phone with his son Freddy who has had a bad dream that Senator Thurmond is in his closet.
Q: Who is/was Senator Thurmond?
A: a senator from South Carolina who served for 48 years. (source)

"Niles! I was specifically not expecting you."

Aunt Patrice is a loon. She's invented her own language "G speak" and insists on speaking in it to Martin. 

Martin explains that he doesn't want to date Irene because she has the same middle name as Martin's late wife. He says he's just not ready to date again.

Later, Daphne calls Martin out that Irene's middle name is not Rose, but Marie. The real reason Frasier doesn't want to date Irene is because he's nervous about his limp and his use of a cane.

At scene end, Martin is going to go out with Irene after all. Frasier ties Martin's tie for him. We found a website with videos about how to tie a tie in all kinds of different knots.

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

"No food in this one, either." - Jillian
"Well, there are some wines I'd like to try the next time we have a spare five grand in the grocery budget." - Kara 

And there you have it. Our fifth Frasier Craning post.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kara Creates 27/365

Here's what the 27th day of creating looked like ...

I was up all night the night before feeling ill.
I really don't recommend it.
Today's comforts: a striped sock to knit, honey from my bee keeper brother, green ginger tea.

After an hour stitching in front of the window with full sunlight streaming in,
good for my health, good for my mood, good for my eyesight.
I can almost see well enough to create a few Xs on my sampler.
It is starting to resemble ... well, honestly? Nothing.
It looks like nothing at this point.
(But I persist!)

Jillian got her Doodle Crate and it's theme is stamp carving and print making.
So, how could I not ask to play, too?

Not pictured is the little baby doll I'm knitting for Amelia. I worked on it while we watched Agent Carter and I just couldn't stay up any longer after that to take a picture.

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