Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finished Black Jack socks {Kara Creates 56/365}

Oh, friends. Is it possible to fall more behind in updating you than I have been? I'm really not certain.

I'm creating every day. These hands are busy and happy! Even in the strep throat, ill children, never-ending winter haze that is my current existence, I'm creating.

I'm just not writing about it.

In fact, I'm not doing a lot of writing these days in general. In breaths and out breaths. I think that I'm currently in a breathing deep, inhale phase of writing. I've got thoughts, I've got topics I want to write about, but I'm not breathing out and there's no exhale of words just yet.

I've learned not to fight that feeling. If I don't have any words ready, I don't force them. I used to and quickly discovered that it isn't a good relationship for you and I. I don't like writing that way and goodness knows there's no reader who wants to read something that is obviously forced.

So, I knit.
I tend to sick children.
I read.
And I wait.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Worthwhile Reads and Lovely Things

Note: this post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

Welcome to my new readers and to those of you returning to this space. Thanks for joining me! 

 Lets get to the good stuff!

Here are this week's worthwhile reads and lovely things ...

Books: I haven't finished any new books this week, but I did make room for some new ones on the bookshelves. Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander book 2) in paperback because I've decided this series is better analog instead of digital. 2) a new art book that sounds like it was written just for me. 3) a journaling bible because I'm 90% sure I'm going to take the Illustrated Faith class that Palette and Paper is hosting with Shanna Noel here in Indy next month.

Blogs: here are some worthwhile reads that I came across in my browsing

Podcasts: This week I discovered a brand new podcast out of Ireland called Blasta. I really enjoyed the first episode of this soon to be monthly series. The hosts spoke of community - how to find it, what it means, and how to let it inspire you in your crafts and creativity. Focused mainly on Ireland, thought I don't think you have to be Irish to appreciate their wit, charm, and knowledge of the fiber world.

Local Loves: Last week some other central Indiana bloggers and I were the guests of Fortville Mama for a progressive tour of #FabFortville. I'm going to write a post with some more details, but wanted to share that I had a lovely time exploring Fortville, and discovered quite a few new and new-to-me places.

Yeah, I have no clue what's going on with my hair either. 
I'm growing it out and it is literally growing OUT. Hello, curls!

Then, last night Christopher and I went on our monthly date. This time we went to Sun King Brewery (135 N. College, Indy) to attend the NFL Combine Tweet Up with Sport's Illustrated's Peter King and others, hosted by Angie Six. The proceeds went to benefit Thrive 360, which is an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry.

Football, beer, good company, and a good cause. A perfect evening, if you ask me.

Ravelry and Knitting: This week I finished up a quick little project, a bookmark made from a mini skein I had in my stash and charms from Palette and Paper that I just felt were meant to go together.

::: And that's what I found worthwhile and lovely this past week.  How about you? :::

...  ...  ...  ...  ...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kara Creates 48/365

This is what the 48th day of creating looked like ...

Last week I attended the Fortville Mama #FabFortville blogger tour. On the tour, the very sweet and talented Mare of Palette and Paper gave each of the bloggers some personalized charms. These are the charms she made for me. Aren't they sweet?

I found this mini skein of sock yarn in my stash and I think that maybe it would like to join the charms that Mare made and become a knit bookmark. So, I cast on today and am knitting up a simple bookmark.

I pulled out my cross stitch for the first time since we switched our bedrooms around. It actually might work out better for me now, although I'm still wondering if perhaps bifocals are in my future, as I have a window seat of sorts. Sitting in front of the bright sunshine is ideal when I'm working on these itty bitty stitches, so whenever there is a sunny day, I plan to spend some time working on my Story Time sampler.

This is slow going and imperfect, but you know what? I'm having a good time with it! I haven't done cross stitch for years and I forgot just how much I enjoyed it. I'm thankful to rediscover this, even if my stitches are wobbly and my 41 year old eyes can barely differentiate between the floss and the linen I'm stitching on.

And that's what today's creating looked like.