Monday, October 14, 2013

October treasures.

Last weekend Indiana seemed to get the memo that it was October and therefore time to start showing off in a spectacular Autumn way.

We packed the kids up and took them to my parents for pumpkin picking.  My Dad has a patch that could rival the professionals and he had so many beautiful white and orange pumpkins for us to choose from.

We visited with my brother and his family and my sister Hana and her family, too.   So many cousins!  Hana very kindly sent us home with enough applesauce to fill our freezer, hot pepper jam, and salted caramel pear and apple butter.

It is good to have resourceful relatives, especially this time of year when they share their bounty, and those of us with slightly less green thumbs eagerly accept!

We brought home seven perfect pumpkins and they are now sitting on our front porch waiting for four little Flecks to dream up ideas for decorating them.

It feels good, this whole October thing. 

In October that big bulky handknit sweater makes a little more sense than it did on the Summer day when I started it. I only have the sleeves left to finish up and then I'll be wearing this squishy, soft sweater.  I'm really looking forward to that.

The days are cooling off.  Soon it will be time for cocoa, the fireplace, wool socks, and extra blankets on the bed.  There have been years I dreaded the colder months, feeling cooped up instead of cozy, but after such an active and eventful year, this season I can't wait.

I'm ready.

It's time to turn inward and stay close to home.  We have one more big family trip to take and then, then friends it will be time to tend to the home fires for a while before the holiday season arrives.

Jillian took these pictures of Amelia and I earlier this evening.  Amelia hasn't been feeling well today (just a cold, she'll be fine) and so she's been extra cuddly.  I don't mind, especially since it means I get to spend a little more time in the rocking chair, holding my baby, and knitting.

 Notice the little toes grabbing my yarn.

Speaking of little, while we were visiting my parents my Dad mentioned that someone has been getting into his garden and he had a pretty good idea of who.  

Later that day we caught the culprit in action.  

Pretty adorable, don't you think?

At the end of the day, after a full afternoon of pumpkin picking and playing with cousins, my mom took this picture of my little family of Flecks.  Some of us were kind of tired, but I love this picture of these little pumpkins just the same.  It is a rare thing that we get a picture with all six of us.

Another October treasure.

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  1. What a perfect fall day!
    That sweater looks lovely! I am trying to gather my courage to start my first sweater this winter! Little intimidated... by both my skill and the amount of yarn!