Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes {birthdays, broccoli, frankincense, and rude people}

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I shared this a few days ago on Twitter:

It is true, friends.  Some people will like you.  Some people won't.  Some people will judge you. Some people will accept you.

It all evens out, so just be yourself! Because it isn't about them anyway.

I might be addicted to Jillian Michaels.  Well, at least the way her workouts make me feel. Okay, okay. The way her workouts make me feel after they are over. Like, several hours after they are over.

In mid-April I started the 30 Day Shred. When I finished that, I moved on to the 30 Day Slim Down. I'm almost finished with this and I actually have my eye on her One Week Shred.

Who are you? And what have you done with Kara?

But, you guys! I feel. SO. good. I'm losing some weight and feeling strong again. I think this type of circuit training is helping me with my depression and anxiety and, while I won't pretend I'm not often working out with a two year old hanging out with me (or hanging ON me), taking this time just for me has been one of the best gifts I've given myself.

I was so scared to get started, scared I couldn't do any of the exercises (and I can't do all of them) but you know what? 40 is the new brave! I'm sticking with it and even though no one else can see a difference in me yet, I see a difference in myself.

Speaking of seeing a difference, I'm not sure if it says something positive or something negative about our marriage and my husband's vision of me that I've lost nearly 20 pounds in two months and he still hasn't noticed.

A few weeks ago we went to a fiber festival.

When I shared this with my friend Jenny, she thought it was a different kind of fiber and was like, "wow, they really like their apples and broccoli." Ha!

PS - speaking of plays on words and fiber, you knitters do listen to the High Fiber Diet podcast, right?

I have been using essential oils for a few weeks now after taking my friend Jodi's Essential Oils 101 class.  I wake up craving the scent of frankincense. 

And Stress Away.  Totally wearing it almost like perfume on a daily basis.

That's not weird or anything, right?

Max turns eight today. I might have cried a little and I'll probably cry a little more before the day is done.

 Oh, sweet baby boy with the old, wise soul - how I love you!

 One of my favorite posts about Max is here.  I love this one about my son, too.

A couple of you have been asking me some questions about my habit stacking and 101 mini daily goals for Summer.  I'm working on a FAQ post, so if you've got a question for me, drop it in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer it.

I LOVE that so many of you LOVE lists, too. And that so many of you are coming up with your own simple mini goals lists.

Here's to being rock stars in our own lives!

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  1. Hi Kara, I have several questions about the habit stacking post! Reading it made me exhausted, but also curious. I stay at home with my nosy, and the oldest just finished his first year of kindergarten. I'm amazed at how much our schedule changed with the addition of a full school year. I am trying to use a summer schedule, and even though I'm a very organized person, I'm struggling. We need to work in all the normal stuff: table work, outside, meals, play, errands. It's completely overwhelming, and I'm not one to be overwhelmed by organization! How did you get started building a daily schedule? How does it change with the seasons? Can you tell me more about the habit stacking and point me to a few resources? I was completely intrigued (and overwhelmed) by the detail of your schedule!

    1. Yes, I definitely don't want to contribute to anyone feeling overwhelmed (or exhausted!) I think some of it is a personality thing: a list, especially a list like this, isn't everyone's thing. That's totally okay. You can be awesome without it! :-)

      I'm an INFP as far as my personality goes, but that's less than like 3 percent of the population. So, I readily admit this won't be everyone's thing.

      The best resource I can think of is the habit stacking book I mentioned in that post, but this blog post is pretty great (and explains it in a less overwhelming way than I did, I think) -->

      My list didn't start out as 101 things or even 50 mini goals. In fact, I suppose you could say that a few years ago my mental list (I didn't know about the concept of stacking habits yet) was to start the day by a) getting out of bed b) trying to find something positive to look forward to about the day (usually my happy kiddos) and then c) feeding everyone breakfast. Just those 3 things. I focused on doing them every day and somehow just starting the day with some accomplishments helped the rest of the day.

      It grew from there. :-)

      Hope this helps! I'm trying to compile questions and give more explanations about why my list works for me and I'll put up a FAQ post soon.

      ALWAYS so nice to see you over here :-) Thanks for commenting!

  2. true about your #1. So very true.
    That fiber festival looks AWESOME! Wish I loved closer..or that we had one here. Maybe we do? When in doubt...Google :)
    Also that they have a sleep one? I sleep horrible and would love to find some sort of help in that area without the meds.
    Have a great weekend!